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Glorious Submission “I Do Obey My Husband”

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Its A Pleasure To Surrender to the man I love

Only four years ago I was a fairly unhappy wife and mother, guided by principles and practices, norms established by society or by my incessant desire to “fit in”. No one was happy. I was feigning the person I wanted others to believe I was… and inside I knew I was kidding myself, and failing, miserably, at the only thing I ever wanted to be, a wife and mom. My darling husband, worked tirelessly with me, through fits and starts, sticking with me, finally freed my spirit within. He loves me as I am…and who I am, always was, is a nice sweet, submissive, follower. I am soooo comfortable in that. He has allowed me to feel good, really good, about who I am. Kids are largely on their own now and I am so grateful I get to serve him, as he so totally deserves. I am a blessed woman…safe, secure, loved, and obedient.

I do obey my husband!  My husband is leader of our home.  Obeying doesn’t mean that I have no say, or that my views aren’t listened to.  It just means that he has the last say it what happens in our lives.  I follow him.  But I trust him extensively. He treats me like a princess.  We have been married for 25 years now. We fought like crazy before I decided to turn the reins over to him.  Once I did that, we stopped fighting.  Sometimes I do disobey. Yes it’s true… when I do I do get punished.

It may surprise you, (then again maybe not) that I am the one that asked for this kind of marriage. What we were doing before wasn’t working.  My husband and I were always fighting.  As I slowly gave over the control to him. It was as if he was a new man.  It was funny because I saw the changes in him.  But it wasn’t until months later that I finally saw the changes in me.  I was far happier. I laughed a lot.  We held hands as we walked down the streets.  We still do!!

I am proud to be an obedient wife.  And prouder still I have a wonderful husband who cares for me.  Some think it is stupid to “obey” their husbands.  Some say they do it  because of their religion.  But I am here to say I do so because it works.  Maybe it’s the word obey that some object to.  Change it to … comply… follow…trust…yield.. accept..  or better yet.  RESPECT…

Submit to the one who wants your purity above all else.

Now godly submission does not mean there will be no difficulties. In fact, godly submission may increase difficulties because when we submit to Christ we are submitting to the one who above all else wants us to change.  We submit to the one who promises to change us into his own image.  Don’t be surprised when submission is difficult or calls for radical change.  This is certainly true with Christ and might be true in your marriage.

We also need to keep in mind that submission is all encompassing.

Partial submission is insubordination. A church that only submits one day a week is not a submissive church. A wife that only submits in one area or a few areas is not submissive. She’s manipulative. The wife and church who hold back are doing so in order to get something from their bridegroom. Submission is the willingness to commit everything, your whole self, to accomplish the desire of another.

Its The Right Thing To Do

I obey my husband simply because its the right thing to do.  We have no battles, no arguments, no wars.  My house is a home, a place where peace reigns.  Do I have my own opinions, yes.  Are my opinions heard, yes.  Are my children torn apart by needless arguing between two people they need and love, no.  Do my children have the utmost respect for their father, yes.  Does my husband feel like a man in his own home, yes.  Am I spoiled, cared for, desired, and loved?  Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes.  Its not always easy to obey, its only easy when you agree with your husband.  -But never the less, its essential to maintain the Utopia I’ve created here on earth.  -And I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

Anyway.  I obey.   It is the key to our Happy home.


Written by Dr. Lisa Marie Willams

June 28, 2011 at 1:31 pm

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